channel registration asking for some profile things


I'd like to configure or implement a feature that enables channels to ask persons who want to connect to it to register by filling in a form first. The entered infos are then added as things in the person's profile.

Further I need to allow the connected persons to search for other connections who have certain things in their profile.

Is that configurable? If not would that be possible to implement through a plugin?

Thanks and cheers,

not really a dating app. It is for helping visitors of a networking event to get in touch more easily without speed dating ;-)
Are you thinking the data will be added to their public profile? Or accessible only to those who visit the event channel? You won't be able to globally change profile info unless the user has a channel hosted on the hub running the plugin. But if this data is oybsupposed to appear on the pages of the event channel, this would be a fairly easy add-on to write.
Yes, thanks M. Dent,

the "data is only supposed to appear on the pages of the event channel".
So profile things are not the right place to stock that data, if I understand you right?

How would you accomplish that instead?
Maybe you know a plugin that does something similar?